Monday, May 21, 2007

Wine Blogging Interactive Edition, Update

Jeffrey and I have decided to wait until next week to discuss the selected wine for our proposed blogospheric tasting. This is to allow readers an additional week to participate (and, admittedly, give us time to taste the wine ourselves). Please do let us know, though, via the comments feature if you've had the chance to pick up the wine, so we can gauge interest in the project (and also so we can see if people are actually reading our blog, or if they're just stumbling onto us via Google searches like "2005 Parker Bordeaux upgrades.")

To recap: the wine is the 2004 Las Rocas de San Alejandro Garnacha ($10). It is a special project from importer Eric Solomon, who sourced the grapes from 70-100 year old high-altitude vines. These vines are low-yielding, and the wine itself is unoaked, so it ought to deliver exceptional purity of fruit for the price point. As noted below, the wine is currently available at Calvert Woodley in DC and Sherry-Lehmann and Zachys in New York. Readers in other cities may want to consult Wine-Searcher. (We have no affiliation with any of these places, nor with Eric Solomon Selections.)


Mike said...

I read the blog – and I think the wine discussion is a great idea (really quite looking forward to it) – but I would ask that you keep a minimum two-week window to purchase the wine. It might take some time to get to the local wine shop (or perhaps order it online) for those of us out of the major metropolitan areas.

Great site

jimweatherall said...

I've found a place not far from my house that has this one. I will go and pick it up one day this week.

Simon said...


Thank you for your comments. Jeffrey and I are mindful of the difficulties of sourcing wines outside major cities and am glad that some readers are making the effort! We'll certainly wait at least another week and a half before starting the discussion.


Glad you're on board! I did notice on Wine-Searcher that there were a number of hits for stores in random parts of Jersey, but I didn't know we actually had any readers out there :) I forgot you were Hoboken (?).